Dumb Question: What is specularity for?

I bought the Blender book and have gone through most of the tutorials, but I still have no idea what the Specularity setting affects. Also any suggestions on where to get a good tut on UV mapping- I am lost here.

on Specularity: have you played with it? I think if you try using it you will figure it out for yourself
but in the case that I am wrong go here:
read the document “Texturing for Dummies” in there is the best description of Specularity that I have ever seen,(as well as many other factors pertaining to texturing) it is something I suggest everyone read it.

on UV mapping: the best I can give you is:
this is a fairly good tutorial on UV mapping, but it still has some issues.
I plan to make a simple UV mapping tutorial in the near future, (because I see so much need for it) and I will let you know when it’s done.

other than that, all I can say is try things, if you don’t know how something works, play with it.

good luck

Thank you for the help. My machine will start glitching in blender within 10 minutes so some of the settings are not so obvious to me as it would be on someone elses computer. Maybe because it is a laptop.