dumb question

is there any possible way to lock a vertice into on specific axis? like say i select every vertecie in my project and i want to smooth them, can i select a few vertices and make them so the cant move off a specific axis or even move at all? thanks in advandce

I don’t believe so. I don’t think vertices in Blender can have individual properties applied to them, but I could be mistaken on this. I would be interested if anyone knew of a way to do this.

Tip: Vertex = singular, vertices = plural :slight_smile: Its a common mistake.

Your question is a little hard to understand. But I think I know what you are asking.

Select the “base” vert (the one you want to stay) and hit Shift+S > “Cursor->Selection”. On the toolbar for the 3D window look for the Rotation/Scaling Pivot drop down. Click that and select 3D Cursor from the list (the others include Active Object, Median Point, etc).

Now if you scale along a single axis, the other selected verts will move, but the “base” one will not.

Tell me if I was not clear enough, or if that is not what you are looking for.


I don’t know if this will help, but you can lock an axis while moving your vertices, allowing it to move along the other two.

  1. In object mode, TAB for edit mode.
  2. BKEY to select your vertices.
  3. GKEY to enter grab mode.
  4. SHIFT-(axis letter key) to lock that axis. (e.g. SHIFT-XKEY to lock the X axis.)

A simple way of moving some vertices and not others is to select a group of vertices, then SHIFT-RMB to de-select certain ones that you don’t want to move. If you accidentally de-select the wrong one, just SHIFT-RMB again to re-select it.

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