Dumb question...

Hi, I am finaly geting serious with blender, and I decided to render my newest scene in Indigo…

I was wondering, how long does it typically take indigo to get rid of the noise it producess during its render phases?

I have a scene with ~1000 faces, ray transparency on, and a 1280x1024 render size.

After about 1.5 hours, it looks like this: http://bzfusion.net/blender/im1159662388.png

I like it, although given the current quality, I think you have to render it for another 4 hours or so. Indigo gets progressively slower at removing artifacts as as time goes on.

How did you set up the light? it seems the three cubes are floating because there is no shadow that connects the cube with the ground plane.

Actually, given infinite time, Indigo will produce a perfect picture without noise. That is what unbiased render engines do (or let’s say, one aspect of their algorithms).

So, it is hard to tell when “enough” of the noise is removed. “Enough” means when the picture quality is high enough to be used for whatever you need it for. But it will definitely take a while, judging from your current render and the rendertime.
Expect a few more hours for a clean output…or, maybe the best idea, render at night while you’re sleeping and take a look at the render in the morning. Then it might be good enough already…(again, Indigo renders can never have too much time to render…)