Dumbfounded by Depth


I’m working on a scene and I’m having trouble getting the depth of field correct. See attached image. I’d like to get the girl from head to toe AND the balloon in focus but all the grass infront of and behind her blurred accordingly - most important I’m trying to retain the “toy” look to the figure (should feel like a retro toy).

In this example, I have a 35MM camera that is using the head object at the DoF object target. I’m in blender 2.55 - PS after I set the DoF object, I cannot unset it (but I can change the target object)… I have to create a new camera if I want to use distance instead.

Thanks for the help!


Look into the node editor and control the DOF with the zbuffer, directly, you got much more control over the whole feature.

Here´s a good explaination (for 2.49 but it doesn’t matter, principles are the same)

Perfect! Thank you very much!