Dummy Coffee

I am a novice artist, and I started learning Blender about a month ago. I spent last week following the tutorial, “Beginner Blender Series” by Blender Guru (found on YouTube), and decided to take the tutorial far beyond where I found it. Below is the result.

I have posted this in “Works in Progress” because it’s very much a novice work. However, at my current skill level, I’m finished with it. I’d love to come back another time and fix the lighting. I’d been hoping to create a dark, slightly smoky room with a soft light pointed at the nuclear power poster and highlighting the character. But, I have alot to learn about lighting a scene…


Reference Images

  • Table found on Pinterest (search: “tall table and chairs”).
  • Plate found on “10 Strawberry Street” Website.
  • Floating Coffee mug found on “This is Why I’m Broke” Website.
  • Pose inspired by photograph of Lindy Klim, found on Daily Mail dot com

3rd Party Assets

  • “How Nuclear Radiation Can Change Our Race” pulled from Website “Comic Book Legends Revealed”. According to the site, the original image was printed as part of a short comic in a 1953 issue of “Modern Mechanics and Inventions”.
  • Character model “Wooden Mannequin - Rigged” originally by jgilhutton and released on Blend Swap under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0


  • Texture assets haphazardly made using GIMP.
  • Original models (stools, table, plate, mug, donuts, picture frame) made with care using Blender.
  • Character model “Wooden Mannequin - Rigged” modified, rerigged, and posed using Blender.