Dummy objects in Blender?


I have a question about “dummy” objects in blender. I’ve been using this tutorial here which says to use “Lattice” objects instead since Blender doesn’t have dummies.

I’ve got it kind of working, but I’m having some problems that I’m hoping some one more knowledgeable than I will be able to point out the folly in my ways.

I’m trying to animate an armature for the game Fallout 3. It uses a “skeleton” for a bunch of characters, so modifying it won’t work. I can set up IK on it, but re-parenting seems to break it.

Skeleton Pic

Lattice Problems

  1. Bone only has IK, no constraints
  2. Bone has IK, Loc and Rot constraints (ball of foot separates from toes when moved)
  3. Because the right foot was moved, the left foot rotates on the lattices axis even though it has constraints
  4. The pelvis moves even though the pelvis bone has Loc and Rot constraints to the pelvis dummy

Skeleton Files

I haven’t successfully exported a lattice controlled armature back into the game yet, so I’m not sure if this will even work.

I guess I’m wondering if going the lattice route is the right/easiest way? Maybe duplicate the entire armature so I can alter that one and then set constraints on the original so it inherits what the modified one is doing?

Any tutorials on this sort of thing that you know of? I would appreciate any help I can get :slight_smile:

Forgot to say that what I’m after is the ability to have the IK set up on the hands and feet, but I don’t want them to move with the upper/lower body. Something with a COG object that I can move but the hands and feet will remain where they are and not move with the body/COG.