Hello everyone, here’s some visualization of an old (2007) design projects i’ve maded with some colleagues.

first scene was rendered in octane render.
second one in cycles.

This post is not intended as comparison between the two engine, infact the scenes have been treated very differently.
After the first scene i’ve turn on the lamp and time goes up a lot. so i decided to try cycles a bit deeper and i found it really fast.




Nice work lestat! (I’m here also!)

Wow, the render in Cycles looks awesome. Can you post some details on the lighting and rendering parameters?

Nice both of them. I prefer the darker version though - not because of renders quality, but just the colors and design. I’d be also interested in some settings and render time.

thanks guys!
in octane it’s hdri+portal
in cycles instead there are some simple lightplane emitting.
For the settings ive just reduce the “full global illumination” preset to an 80 value of the bouncing light.

cycles render 1920x1080 take about 2h with gtx260 x 2
renders was divided by default in 64 parts each one take 3000 samples needed to clear di area on the right of the bed. all the other area was good with 750-1000 samples.

that was first time on cycles so will defnely be some more good adjustemnt to do it better and faster!

wow sexy work…

I love both versions, they have such a wonderful lighting and feeling. Great job!

Oh eccoti finalmente lestat (Sei tu vero?) :slight_smile:

Really good work, i like both, I prefer Octane ones design, anyways great work! Cycles renders are really clean. In first Cycles shot, if you found out that left side is burnt out too much (too white), consider using a light falloff node to control it better.


Wow! i’d wanna live there. 5* great work!

Hi Marco, yes it’s me!

The overbright image was made so purposely in post production. I wanted a really bright one and the other really dark in the shadow, tring to get both contrasted no matter the light set

Awesome idea, just awesome!

Could you share the wood .blend here…?

sure! But i have some packing problem. There is a big, too big texture, that i’ve deleted and now blender can’t pack the file cause there is this missing path and i don’t know how to clear it.

Can anyone help me with this problem?

Maybe use a placeholder texture instead. Something small or scale down the original texture and pack it after that.

Sorry cdog, but i don’t get it :slight_smile:

Wow that’s some great render there! Really good work!

For your problem I don’t know if I got it good. Fro what I understand you have a vacant texture without a user… if I am not mistaken if you delete the texture pressing shift while doing it, when you exit and reload the file the texture should be gone if it isn’t used anywhere.

Anyway I am trying to remember, not sure if it will work.


Are there other objects sharing the texture?
Blender saves the data of these elements if they are used but if they are not used it throws them out when you close the window.

Other than that there are some nice addons for improved material and texture workflow. I will see if I can find them…

try deleting the image by shift clicking the x on the image in the image editor (this zeros the users), then save (probably change the filename for safety) and reload the file, then see if you can fix it.