I hate this path issue in Blender when packing files. Extremely annoying.

Great work !

Kind regards

Bravo Alan! :yes:

Ok i solve the problem by linking the nodetree group in to a new file. the Problem was that i don’t have any texture to delete, and only one geometry in the scene. By the way here’s the file packed.


What kind of material setup did you use for the bed sheets?

the black (inside) is a simple velvet. The white instead is mix between a diffuse and a reflection with a bitmap texture as factor.

Here a shot

It`s just amasing. Love it very much!

Hi everyone.

to fix a broken path:

  • Go to the outliner
  • switch the view to libraries (if using libraries)
  • clear the text for the wrong lib
  • save the file
  • reopen the file

(Edit: To correct the path, don’t clear the text, simply correct it)

I know… it’s a mission to do this, but it works.

For image files, make sure that the relevant material / UV map / image is deleted with a Shift-LMB (left click), which sets the users to 0. That way, when the file is closed, the datablock is permanently deleted. When reopening the file, problem is gone

wow, really a realistic peace of work here. Maybe a lighting masterclass tutorial should be great. :slight_smile:

I agree with DigiDio, the quality of the light in these renders is amazing. I’d love to see a wireframe of where you positioned the lights, settings etc. to get such a realistic result.

Congratulations, simply awesome!!!

What a cool design, I want it in my home! Both renderers give beautiful results.

On the packing issue, even if you get the error message, it’s OK, Blender still packs the file, only lets you know that particular path wasn’t found. Give it a try.

Alan, witch version of blender are you using? you said that you use 2 GTX260 but I tried to render with my that is a GTX 285 and it didnt worked, it says that I cant render because I have a cuda version of 1.1 and I need 1.3, and I m really stuck.

About the fast part, I cant compare octane with blender on rendertimes, you said it was fas but how mutch fast?

Anyway, excelent work, I got amazed with your render, it shows what cycles can really do! congratulations!

@3sie 3wiel
Thanks a lot, mission or not it work that’s metter!

@digidio @ comeinandburn
Hi guys it’s the first time that i recive a request for a tutorial, and i will give you some wireframe soon, but right now i’m very busy between work and university so you guys have to wait a bit :wink:

Thanks for the compliments.
About the packing issues it told me that was “unable to pack” i will try anyway.

Thanks you too.
About your problem with gpu i guess you have to upgrade your video driver, i guess i have the 4.something
and i’m using the 2.63-2.64

I’ve got to say, aside from the fact its a render I really like the idea as a product

Looks great

Looks really good. Just joined and all the work looks amazing!

Very nicely done. Looks like photos from a magazine about interior design.

I am an architect myself, and here I can appreciate primarily the way the scene has been set up. Very well articulated definitions of spaces - something, I must acknowledge to say the least. I love the way the scale has been hinted using furniture.

Now coming to the role of the software, yes, lighting and everything else here is extra-ordinary, and while further browsing through the thread, I learnt the tech specs too. I should say, that being a 3d-artist is to be really patient - 2hr render time - poof.

Nice work. I prefer the darker wood - the sheen on it is better…

Great work. I really like the Cycles render!