Dune Experiment

Hello everyone I am developing a real - time strategy game that is a copy of the game Dune battle for Arrakis that was released on the sega mega drive console, unlike the original in that instead of sprites I use 3d models and objects - currently I have implemented the construction of buildings and their placement, created an interface that shows all the buildings available for construction, then I plan to create a component or script for navigating units on the map and write behavior for units so that they can react to the environment I will add a link to my project you can download it and see it until the executive file is implemented and you need UPBGE versions 0,2,4-0,2,5 to run the test file located in the levels directory. In the future I will try to update my project so that the development moves on

Here I will show screenshots of the units that I plan to add to the game(not yet implemented) and in the future I plan to update the building models and make modular parts for the map so that it can be assembled as a constructor, I will be happy to hear any comments or suggestions on the implementation of this project because I am not a professional programmer or developer and I hope you like this idea


You might want to check later ‘Emperor: Battle for Dune’ version for inspiration. It was fully 3D and had couple cool things uncommon in RTS of that era.


Hi! Yes, the Emperor Battle for Dune is also a good game - but I like dune on the Sega mega drive console most of all due to the good soundtrack and what I call nostalgia, dune on Sega was my first RTS game that I played :slightly_smiling_face:
I hope to finish this project as I’ve always wanted to make an RTS game

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i never saw any RTS made with the BGE. Not sure it’s the best choice.

Maybe have a look on the open source RTS game engine pyrogenesis (made for the game 0AD )

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Hi! yes, I also did not hear about completed RTS on BGE or UPBGE - there are samples that look like small demo versions of projects, but the BGE and UPBGE engine allows you to make RTS projects I understand that this is a complex topic of RTS we require very much knowledge to implement. From the projects I can remember Vinland1936 which was made by a user under the name of SmokeandMirrors and which is a step-by-step strategy - but I’m more surprised that there are no assets or any demo versions for which a beginner could try to make RTS, even there are no paid assets as in the same unity, but I think that RTS in blender is not a myth but a very real project and such a game can be created and even get about 70-100 units on the map in real time. If use sprites for such a game, then the number of units can even be increased - I think that waiting for objects and finding a path for groups of units gives the most load. If we consider alternative engines, then it is better to immediately take an unreal engine or the same unity engine - because for them there is a lot of documentation, scripts or ready-made assets intended for RTS, but I like the blender game engine, so I try to make a game on it :slightly_smiling_face:

When I turn off in my test file RTS glow in wind traps I can place on the map more than 30 buildings that you can get that will interface their menu and wait for the player’s response and work in standby mode FPS is located 57-60 frames - I understand that it is not correct to compare a building and a unit that can move, attack, or has behavior, but I’m not going to create a scene of thousands of units or buildings and the map will have a minimum of objects, perhaps my test is not good and maybe it will be completed successfully and will become an example for those who just started to learn blender game engine

Uploading: 2021-01-21_102815.png… Some screenshots from the test file


i wonder how you will deal with the pathfinding… RTS requires some robust algorithms for that … once again, use open-source pyrogenesis from 0ad. All u have to do is to “mod” the game 0AD. Trust me, you will make your project great with pyrogenesis while with the BGE you will probably have a ‘burnout’ as you will feel that the BGE is not suited at all for RTS’s

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Thank you for your advice, I will try to start making a Dune in UPBGE - there are many optimized techniques for finding a path that do not use A* and are suitable for finding a path in BGE and UPBGE these are flow fields, vector fields and potential fields they allow you to search for a path for very large groups of units by calculating the path once for the entire map and returning it for all active units, with this path search, the load on the logic is minimal. I looked at the pyrogenesis engine-thank you for the link to this engine this will be my backup option if I do not have enough knowledge to implement pathfinding in UPBGE :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s perfectly fine for RTS, don’t sell crap please.

That you need to take care of somethings indeed, but that does not mean that you can’t make an RTS with it. I have done one years ago.

  • Pathfinding can be as easy as a navmesh. or complex as a vector / node based A*.
  • unit count can be high like 200+ all depends on how you script the stuff.

If you said BGE is not the best, then i agree. There are better engine made for RTS, but saying that you can’t make RTS is just lying and giving people false hope.


@blenderaptor is not entirely wrong, the objects in bge are quite inefficient and are probably one of the biggest limitations of bge.

in numerous tests, a single joined object is many times faster than all the objects on their own, even instancing doesnt help much. (1500 objects, 250 tris per object). RTS games generally depend of having modular assets that cant be joined.

also, last i checked, bge uses cpu armature deforming, rather than more common gpu skinning, making animating large armies a problem.

to work around this limitation, ive created an object container streaming system that can group objects in the vicinity of a “container” and remove them all at once if the container is too far away.

with that said:
i myself (and i think its safe to say others too) dont use bge because its the best, but because its convenient to be able to work right in engine, or simply because its a part of blender. or in my case, python (nuf said).

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