Dune raider and sandworm chase (Need feedback)

Over the last few months I have been at first modelling my version of the Dune raider as known from Dune II. I am quite please with my raider, but on it’s own it just isn’t interesting.

I added a sandworm, which I am not yet completely happy with, but looks alright.
Together with desert setting I should have the main elements to compose my image, but somehow I seem to be stuck, and need some fresh input from you guys :yes:

Some images of the progress so far:


I also did a cameratracking test with the raider model: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3yZqfcpPTQ&feature=youtu.be

Please let me know what I need to change to make this something I can finish, I don’t want to let this one die a slow dusty death on my harddrive.

You’ve already got sand dunes, a raider and a sandworm, possibly the sun as well. In other words, you’ve finished the model already.
IMO you should go play with the camera now, you’ve already got a lot to play with. Try to find an angle you like, then light it up and add detail/adjust (including models - that worm looks pretty bare) as nessesary. In other words, composition and lighting… as always :wink:

That’s exactly the parts I suck at. Too often my adventures in Blender end after modelling because I get frustrated completing them.
Not this time of course :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what I’ve got for composition, lots of room for improvement here: https://plus.google.com/photos/110190850728591346057/albums/5763246448227112369/5763621420709236786

I would really like to add a few details like tracks, dust, rocks, maybe a moon and some texture definition and some…what do you call it ‘distance atmosphere’?. Those things will be a bit tough to get through for me.

Suggestions are welcome

Not very sure whether you’ll really need cycles for this one. Otherwise composition seems good, but the detail’s not there. You might want to work on the worm and the raider… I mean, just look at this:
Some textures won’t hurt I guess :slight_smile:
You could try lighting it up so that the sun is in the upper left part of the screen, or maybe a bit off-screen depending on whether you want it in the scene or not. That’ll keep the dune’s descent dark and should light up the trike (ok, raider :D) and the worm pretty well.
About the particle effects and all that stuff - one thing at a time.