Dune Sandworm (wip for wc76)

Here’s my work in progress for Elysiun Weekend Challenge #76 (Dune theme):


…a sandworm from the world of Dune.


I’d suggest making the sand particles smaller…more like a dust cloud. Seeing the individual particles throws off the scale. Looks good though.
<edit> and crank down the alpha, and click halo if you haven’t already.

Thanks, Modron. Yes, I’m going to fix that sand and the particles. I want the sand to be rolling off the worm as it’s surfacing. There’s a second worm in the scene, but it’s not yet positioned right. Lighting is also going to get an overhaul, along with the sky. This is a super early draft after about two hours so there’s plenty left to do :wink: I still have people and possibly some ships to make too…


Damn I am doing a worm aswell… oh well yours is better anyway so… please don;t think I am copying you…

nice job 8)

Ah, nuts, a WC I might’ve entered if I only had the time…
Anyway, good worm, I certainly couldn’t do it that quickly. I’d suggest having the teeth point along the normals of the mouth, they look like they’re all pointing in the same direction at the moment. If you have time, maybe try to make the body segmented.
I would say try using the sunsky texture plugin for the sky and make the general lighting brighter and more high-contrast, but that’s just me.
Should be a very good entry !

Thanks, vamp21b, and no problem about doing a worm as well. I figured it would be one of the things people might go for considering the theme. I look forward to seeing how yours comes out. Good luck! :smiley:


Thanks, Rhysy 2! I’ll work some more on the teeth. I made the first set with dupliverts and then made them real, so if I have the time I’ll experiment with other sets of teeth. They’re actually curving inward, but the lighting needs to improve for that to become apparent :). The body is actually segmented too, only the current lattice deformation I’ve applied has in most areas smoothed out some of that segmentation. I need to fix that. I’ll check out that plugin sometime too. Sounds cool.


Here’s a suggestion for doing the dust clouds,…first, don’t use static particles, use animated ones,…start small, and then start duplicating the emittor, and giving each one an offset, or a slightly different material or texture,…
then find where it looks best in your animation, and if the emmitor itself is not looking right in the scene, just keyframe it to another layer, and go forward a few frames, until your particle cluster disperses a bit.
<edit> oh yeah, and, you may want to animate the emmitor itself to get it just so.

actually, you should use big particles, with alpha map on them with a texture of “sand dust”…this way it wouldn’t look like individual sand particule cause in reality you wouldn’t be able to see that you would see a big cloud of sand…not individual one… use “relativly big” particules with mblur and you could add another emitor with smaller particule to simulates the sand particule that are far and falling individually…hope this make sense :-?

keep it up

Thanks, X-Warrior & Modron for the great tips :wink: I really appreciate that.

This is still a ways from being finished, especially where the sand is concerned, but here’s an update:



ok IMO its looking ok.

i’d like to see the background e.g. the sky Blured out. the sky texture could be gimped or PS’ed to achive this look.

this will emphasise the sandworm in the image.

next thing is yeah i’m looking forward to the particles back in, they will make it look better.

one thing about the sandworm though, is that in the movie they were actually like worms kinda with rings around them, and scales.

but if its your personal take on the sandworm from the books or however then i totally respect artistic rights :slight_smile:

anyway good luck