This small series is inspired by the landscape of the baltic sea, all objects and plants hand crafted.
The cloudy sky has been created with Terragen.
There are still points that could be addressed, but for now I would like to move on to the next project.

Some downloads (sand material, plantain object) can be found here

The grass is very well done, did you use any special nodes for it?

Beautiful job, everything looks very natural to me. I’m curious about how you did the sand in the middle image.

thanks. I uploaded the sand material of the first image to my website, I will do the same with the variation from the middle material.

About the grass - no magic nodes used :wink: Some large scale colour variation, translucency(leaves) and subsurfscattering (stalks), but highly unoptimized at this stage.

Can you post details to the sand material in here? :slight_smile:

beautiful,looks natural.

I added another download, the narrowleaf plantain object, you can find those files over here:

or direct download right here:
procedural sand:http://wallis-eck.de/2013/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/procedural_sand.zip
narrowleaf plantain:http://wallis-eck.de/2013/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Plantain.zip

As I mentioned above, not really optimized, but probably still of use - happy rendering!

Awesome, great job!

Thanks Walli :wink:

Really love this, especially the mood! Keep up the excellent work! :eyebrowlift2:

I’m impressed! Good job :slight_smile:

So natural! Awesome!

I know the baltic coast very well, you captured the essence of the landscape wonderfully. The last render ist outstanding, I can barely tell it from a photo. Such attention to detail! Really great work and well deserved top row.

Thanks for sharing!

As a lover of the Danish shores I must say, you indeed managed to capture the northern atmosphere :slight_smile: Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Cool work :stuck_out_tongue:
https://www.youtube.com/user/alecfarai :stuck_out_tongue:

Nature caught in all its subtle beauty, very well done!

incredible! looks great :smiley:

really nice images and great mood. Many thanks for the download! thats really generous of you

I coulndt spot tha much i most say. The only thing i noticed was in the first short. The first pole on left has a awkward position, the textures look somewhat awkward therefor.

And the DOF is a bit hard to understand in the last one

Very cool! Nice job

This is truly inspiring. Very realistic like 94%