Dunga The Caveman


Hey there!!! I´ve been playing a little with my new character. I made the animation yesterday.
Hope you like it

Nice, natural flow in the animation. Good subject matter, pretty humorous.

Very, very good overall. But it could benefit from some sound.

I like cartoon style character, simple and efficient! Impressive animation/idea as well.
One question, did you use internal rendering?


Very smooth animation, a bit short but funny :).
It could use some sound though.

i can’t seem to download it :frowning:

Hey thanks guys…!!!
I´ve updated the video with sounds, music, etc… hope you like it.
Guitar87: Thank you.
AntonG: yes… I used blender internal.
Otto: Thanks
Squiggly_P: I checked the link and It´s working. Weird

Hey, cool animation! I love the idea and the character.
Five stars for the bravery of getting into a real bald gorila’s cage to record those funny sounds.
Or you have a trained caveman at home and you didn’t tell us? :stuck_out_tongue:

haha! it’s funny! :smiley:

Haha, great concept and animation. :smiley:


WOW, new version with the sound included is really brilliant, great work!

btw: what settings are used to get nice shadows on the floor and nice almost white background at the same time? I’m only manage to get such similar effect using rayfray, thus I’m very interesting …


great…As not many of anims seen around here, has a story in a few seconds, and is really funny.

As I told you yesterday, it’s awesome!

Nice to see you’re giving a use to this “free-time” we have :wink:

more tests, keep’em coming! :slight_smile:

edit: still not in cgtalk? blender needs more good proofs of its animations capability. And this is a good one.

very well done :smiley: great sense of inertia

Ah, much better with the sound, once again, great job :).

Really funny! nice, smooth movements, and the music is great!

Keep it up

ha thats some great stuff there!
5 stars

Well, the download works for me now, kinda weird how that can happen…

Anyway, glad i tried again, cause it’s great. THAT is a good idea. Funny stuff.

Thank you all guys… I´m glad you all like it.
I used a plane as a floor. As you see in the picture I used only a few lights. The lamps with the number 1 are affecting only the character. I used a couple of Hemis (numbr 2) giving the ambient light with a very light blue color.
Then I put the “floor” in another layer and added another Hemi (4) with a high energy to burn the color of the plane. This lamp is layered to this plane.
Then I created a group of lamps including the feet lamps to affect only the plane and I made this group exclusive to this
Lamp number 3 is just to give some more color to the character.
All lamps with a 16 samples and smooth 19

![http://www.terar.com.ar/imagenes/ilu gral.jpg](http://www.terar.com.ar/imagenes/ilu gral.jpg)

The lamps tracing shados from the feet to the floor are parented to control_foot.


Ufff hope you have understood at least some words… sorry for my english.

@bataraza: thanks a lot! I will try these settings for sure.

Keep up the good work!



p.s. about your English, it’s FINE with me, also for me, English is the second language, thus I actually don’t care if someone writes something wrong, I even don’t notice … I understand you, and I’m pretty sure you understand me enough as well :wink:

Loved this clip. This should be the look used for a CG version of Asterix & Obelix!