Dungeon Breakout (WIP)

Hello, I have recently been developing a medieval first person game. So far I have three basic rooms with basic graphics.
The idea is this. You start in the prison cell and you have to solve a basic puzzle to escape. You then have to go through the right halls and solve other puzzle to escape from the castle. Along the way you have to stealthily kill the guards and take their weapons. So you will start with your hands, then get a knife, then maybe a club… all the way until you get a broad sword or something.

At the moment I only need help in one area.
Since i suck at modeling humans, I need modelers to either create or donate basic ‘guard type’ characters.
Since this is a game I am developing just for fun, there will be no pay what so ever. (sorry wish i could).
I guess if you want to donate any other medieval models that would be great to.
P.S Here’s some screen shots. (keep in mind they are very raw and basic)
If you want more info or screens, just ask.


Hey, do i spot Martinsh’s glsl fire shader? looks good btw :wink: nice!

Yes it is. (i credited him on the top left of the picture)
Also If anyone has any or wants to make some monster models, i could use some of them also.

Looks good, but it’s waaaaaaaay to shinny. Looks unrelistic. Here’s what you can do, set the spec color to a natural looking color and play with the hardness/spec value settings until it looks good :slight_smile:

Looks awesome coonerboy! Keep up the terrific work! Did you texture it yourself or what, btw?


@JESUSFRK14 Thanks for the tips, now that you mention it i agree.
@ShingWanTin Thanks, yes i textured it all myself. But I can’t take credit for the fire, that was done by martinsh

Here is another screen shot from a different angle. I tried playing around with the hard and spec values. But in order to make it less shiny, it had to be really dark.
Also, does no one have any models they would like to contribute?