dungeon crawler game

A couple of wees ago, I just started modeling, and kept modeling, and eventually came up with this game. no name, as of yet, this is an adventure/dungeon crawler game,

basically, the story is, you are a kid who was wandering around the forest, when you stumble upon an old dungeon. the entrance collapses, trapping you, and you have to find another way out. the dungeon is infested by all sorts of monsters and things that you can kill with the dagger you have, or some other weapon you find along the way.

the dungeon also serves as a base for some sort of goblin things. (I haven’t really decided what they are yet, but I am going to try and model some sort of variant on Kobolds, from D&D.) as you search, you discover plans for an invasion of the humans, and your home town is the first on the list, so your quest becomes one to stop the invasion. (you couldn’t make it back in time, and even if you could, your town doesn’t have enough fighting men to survive anyway.)

killing the leader should do it, I think :wink:

here are some screenshots of my progress so far. level one is almost completely modeled, not I have to start on enemies, and other coding problems.

and for those of you who don’t know what kobolds look like:

I also have a possible character modeled, with a walk cycle, but I am having some problems implementing it in game. (I can’t get it to work as a dynamic actor. every time I try, it goes haywire) but I am working on it.

C&C welcome, as usual :slight_smile:

for char, you might want to encase him in a box, and give the box a cylindrical bounds. then parent the armatures to the box, and set the mesh to ghost and dynamic. (you have to set it to dynamic or the physics’ CPU consumption jumps to around 70-something percent.)

What happened to Jeronimo?

@curlystraw: ok, I’ll try that.

@what name: I’m still working on it. this is just a side project to figure out some things.

I’d like to see the boy eaten by a bunch of Kobolds, heck, I’d like to see his whole town eaten.:smiley:

Okay, to be serious you should try to avoid pitch dark faces, texturing looks decent right now, and you could start to use GLSL from Apricot.

HA! I think those are my crate textures. Did you get them from www.freetexturesite.com? Kind of hard to see - but they look like mine.

there is no mac build of the apricot build with the GLSL

Not to be nitpicky or anything, but I don’t think moss would grow on the walls above a lava pit.
Ha, kolbolds are oldskool. I remember them from back in the day when if a game had graphics, it was AWESOME. Just seeing the word kolbold still startles me, they were baaad.
Cyborg is right, just a little bit of lighting above the crates would be a good idea.

Hey, in a world where oversized lizards use weapons made by ancient humans, I think moss has a right to grow on a wall in a lava filled room ><

This looks like its going to be a fun game.
Is it going to be packed with puzzles like the old school snes games like lufia?

it might be reddish Jello™…
can’t wait to see!

looks good, but I gotta agree about the pitch dark part, except the faces outside of the walls- those shouldn’t be there at all (in the lava screenie, you can see light on faces past the walls- that makes it look like the player is in an open-topped trench, rather than a cave

also, curly, the mac apricot builds have been staying level with the windows builds for a while, I believe. there’ve definitely been glsl mac builds on graphicall for a good long time.

wow, thanks for the replies people.

@cyborg dragon: hahaha. also, what dark faces are you referring to? the ones above the playing field are supposed to be completely black, but it it is not perfect yet. (however, I just thought of a solution. moving them to a different layer)

EDIT: Asa J clarified things a little fore me. I’ll add some lights over the crates.

@3Dmedieval: yes, those are your textures. your site has come in very handy. thank you :slight_smile:

@Asa j: I will re texture the lava pit areas. and yes, I think Kobolds are awesome. they great thing about doing this sort of game with blender is I can pack a lot more detail into it than the 8-bit games before.

@andrew- 101: :slight_smile: and yes, it is going to have puzzles. in the first level, there are a series of switches that control things like bridges, and doors, to open new areas that you have to get to to escape the level.

@Captain Oblivion: see first response about the lighting.

about the mac apricot build, I really want to download it, but I have no idea how it will work on my crappy iBook, which really isn’t designed for this sort of thing, and is already strained for memory. I will look into it, but I doubt it will work.

This is a pretty good environment. It has a good feel to it. Now if you just fill it with stuff like “The finger on the nail in the wall reacts to the light of your torch pointing you towards the empty corner.” and “Having rubbed the lodberries all over your body, the swamp monster decides you are not edible and spits you out like a gigantic loogie with explosive force.” If you could bring back the intrigue and humor of the old 8-bit games and combine it with even just mediocre graphics, you’d have a hit. Seems to me that’s where modern gaming fails, all graphics and gore, very little imagination.

Looks good so far!

HAHA! Yes! I agree…sort of retro, with a kick ass fun story line.
I’m glad my textures are useful to you.

yes, I am going to try and revive the old school feel, with this game, including the humor.

including “on ye ground, ye spots a flask”

What a disgusting way of measuring time.

Those look like some pretty nice environments. The lighting you have at the moment is atmospheric but it might be better to give it a little bit of light from the top as well; from above those crates just look like black squares and I can see that getting confusing.

Wouldst though kicketh yonder monster in his ass whilst his attention is elsewhere?:smiley:
I want to play this game.

want some help?
when I am not working on TFoL, I can help out.
(I can easily import an inventory in… I know you will need that!)

wow, thanks. I would love to have your help, and yes, I will need an inventory.