Dungeon RPG Game needs an artist.

To start with: I Appreciate that I am a new member to this forum, my only explenation from this is that I am not an artist so I dont hang out on artist forums! I am usually on GDnet.

To middle with: I am looking for an artist to help me in my game project, I am the programmer and producer of the game that can be roughly summed up as an intense Dungeon hack and slash of the style of games of the mid 1990’s. I have taken inspiration from Diablo I and Elder Scrolls (For visuals).

What I would like is for an indervidual to join me in making this project a reality. This project is not particularly commercial but is my project for the next 3 months whilst I am able to work on it.

Of course you will have full credits for the game art. Roughly speaking, the game will need the following assets to be created over the next 3 months:

1 First Person view wepon set.
3 Basic Animated and Textured enemy characters.
10/15 Basic Textured static models.

What I have to show:
A screenshot of a mockup of the current game:

A video of an old build:

To end with: Please give me any feedback and send a personal message to this forum account for more infomation/application or to my email: antmmat AT gmail.com