Dungeon set inspire in Oblivion art pipeline

I made a dungeon set for this concept (link bellow) inspired on the Oblivion pipeline.


I was interested in doing some blender blocks for this structure and at the same study the way they have done it in Oblivion. As you may or may not know Oblivion dungeons are made of individual pieces like corners, small passages, 3 way passages, ect, that snap together perfectly.

The blocks in the game have some interesting and tricky solution to make textures join seamless. The problem in the previous game Morrowind was that when we use this techinque we often need to rotate them and thats what creates the seams in textures.

Oblivion solved the problem by creating 4 different geometry variants one for each possible rotation. So a corner for example as four possible variations. I have gone even further and sectioned each piece into four sometimes eight parts.

There are sets in my Blender file without door holes and with door holes. If we want for example a corner that goes right then up with a door south we just combine the necessary parts without doing any rotations (avoid seams) because there is a piece for each rotation possible.

Heres the partial Blender model for the concept art above. I also made it possible to navigate inside it using the Blender game engine but for that it’s necessary a patched version of the game engine you can download here:


Once you download the patched version use it to open this blender file:


You should see a view from the current camera in full window. If not press CTRL-UP with the mouse on the 3d window then NUMPAD0 to view from the camera. Finnaly to initiate the simulation press P and use the arrow keys to navigate around.

I’ve done something like this, and was going to release it to the community but never got around to it. Perhaps I’ll do it today.

I forget to mention that the contents of this Blender file is copyright free so you can use without problems.

In the future i plan to add an exterior scene; fix the textures; add some junk like tables and vases; add some cave models; etc