Dungeon WIP - Updated

As I am an absolute newbie I hope you will be kind.

Just looking for critiques and if you would look at the animation maybe you can help me with the “hop” in the smoke. Can’t seem to get it out.

Still image at http://whiteraven3d.150m.com/gallery.htm

The animation is on a link below the still image.

newbie my ass!

fantastic stuff, no crits. how big is the anim?


okay, i saw the anim

too short, i missed the smoke jump. is OSA turned on for the anim?

Nice mini dungeon scene! pretty nifty… just your fire needs to be larger… that is all I crit- other than that… good work!

No, I really am a newbie. Just downloaded 2.7 about three weeks ago.

The anim is only 116K (50 Frames). The jump is caused by the anim recycling (between frame 50 back to 1). Didn’t have osa turned on for the anim but did (and unified renderer) for the still.

Thanks for the great comments.

WAAAAAAAAAY too dark :frowning: could not see aything except for three or 4 spots of orange-ish colour.

Hamster likes, on my laptop it looked fine. But like the Gr8RedShark said, it was too dark on my main computer screen. But that’s cause my other computer screen is set to have black on the screen appear to be black and not gray!! Unlike my laptop.

But it is incredibly good for a n00b. My first thing was a ghetto house with windows textured on it. LoL

Saweet. Plus the animation is pretty cool. ya should of turned osa on it though.

I agree about OSA. Your image looks a little grainy. But your texturing is very cool, albeit a little monochromatic.

There needs to be more light with the torch, Put a lamp inside of it.

:smiley: Heard all of your critiques and appreciated them.

Worked on lighting, reflective colors, re-did still image and animation (with OSA turned on (8)), added dead guy to rack (NOTE: I did not model the skeleton, it was a freebie from the web). I am working on modeling a suspended cage, some water barrels, and some “implements” to go in the fire. Realize that it is still “monochromatic” but it is a dungeon made of stone with a dirt floor.

Still haven’t figured out how to stop the smoke “jump” when the animation cycles. Anybody with any clues…

Still at http://whiteraven3d.150m.com/gallery.htm

Animation on link below still.

It probably has to do with the way the IPO is arranged that controls the timing of the animation. It looks to me like its starting over before the cycle is finished. I haven’t worked with animation yet, but I have worked with the IPO system, and it looks to me like you need to check to make sure that the length of your animation is the same as the length of the animation cycle. Hope this helps!

Nice modeling, mate! This question may sound kinda wierd but can I get a copy of the .blend so i can play with some lighting? nice work!


OK, uploaded new jpg and animation. Upped main light source, added more models. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Dante, I have no problem with giving you a copy of the blend file but I have a file size limitation and cannot get below it to put the file on my “free” site.

If you would like to give me your e-mail address I can send it to you directly as an attachment (approx. 3 mb)

I have discovered that part of the problem with my lighting is that my monitor appears to adjust it’s brightness whenever it wants so after I buy a new one maybe I can get the lighting right.

Image http://whiteraven3d.150m.com/gallery.htm
Animation link below image