c&c pls

Can’t see it very well, bad lighting.

The part of the sword handle that sticks out (forget what it’s called) sticks out much too far, and the floor texture is extremely stretched.

Weird floating ring in lower right isn’t casting a shadow.

anything helpful to add lonesoldier?.. or at least put your comments in a less derrogatory manner.

Although I do agree with him one hist points. THe lighting could be made better, not jsut a single spot illuminating the stuff. Try2 slightly lower power spots with them pointing to opposite sides of the corner.

The texture is stretched, a higher res one would help lots, google for one.

The ring is ok, but the texture is lacking.

The sword model is unrealistic and quite frankly, ugly.

The stool needs it’s material adjsuted, and some texturing on the cuts.

The information I provided should be helpful. Obviously, if there are these problems, they need to be fixed, so by pointing them out I’ve given him the knowledge that there is something wrong so he can fix it. If he needs further help with any of those things I or others can provide it.

And I didn’t call any of his work ugly.

Looking at the window the wall looks paper thin, should add a couple feet thickness to it (for security reasons).

at least put your comments in a less derrogatory manner.

quite frankly, ugly.

? take your own advice