Dungeons & Dragons Game Viewer

Idea: I think it would be fun to use Blender (or Unreal / Unity) as a D&D tabletop sim, but without all the stat stuff. Just a nice, immersive 3d environment thing with a few controls for the dungeon master. Streamed through any streaming software.

  • Simple player models, moved by the DM (no need for complex snapping etc.) Just move the player model as on a board).
  • A hybrid 3d video game / tabletop game.
  • I know tabletop sims exist. I’m thinking of something more like a deeply immersive map, less a complex stat engine. Think 3d map, but the DM can move the main camera, choose a player cam (simple parented camera for each player).
  • It might be fun to have a few character animations, just to indicate an action.
  • The simplest version would be to simply stream a part of the screen in Blender. The Outliner is open to select scenes, cameras etc.
    -I’d love to have flickering torches and some simple environmental things happening, but that becomes a game engine thing, which I’d love to do, but would need help with.
    -If anyone is interested, I’d love to have someone make some lower poly character models, and someone to put it all together in Unreal / Unity. I’ll do the architecture and props (lots on hand already).
    -It would be something I’d sell. I’ve sold well on Turbosquid over the years, and I sell between $300 and $500 worth fantasy map symbols on my website every month. Looking for something to add to that. Here’s that site, if you want to take a look:

-Maybe it’s a Patreon thing. Monthly subscription to access the … whetever we’d call it. Or maybe it’s just a blender thing, with Evee all setup, HDRI lighting ready…just drop your character models into the scene and stream.

I’m not exactly sure where to put this. Team projects seamed a likely place, but it’s for the Blender GE, which doesn’t exist. So, pardon my dumping this in the modeling area.