Dungeons & Dragons stories.

anybody else play? while, if you do, share your funny stories here!

Dungeon Master- you are attacked by 4 lizard men, behind a bush.

Me- I load and fire my heavy crossbow

DM- roll to hit

*rolls dice*

Me- ummm, I rolled a 2....

rogue- OMG we're all dead

DM- your bow explodes, and hit's you in the face. you take *rolls dice* 4 damage. lizard one throws a spear at you and *rolls more dice* misses.

Me- I am going to throw whats left of my shattered bow at it!

DM- roll

*I roll dice*

Me- gah! I rolled a 4.

ranger- I run away

DM- you throw the bow, and hit a tree. various pieces of it bounce back and burst into flame, setting the hedge on fire, and killing 2 of the lizard men!

ranger- yay!

DM- and the rest of it hits the Ranger

Ranger- oh...

Dungeons and Dragons is so fun! yay!

I prefer the sexy elf myself. 10 to score 1 you get slap in the face.

I played it about a decade ago. One really classic moment when the group leader bully took a weapon from a team member who was … guess it a thief! In a time of need - the weapon surfaced! The faces all around were amused to say the least.

once, the part went to get a quest from the lord of the town, and the guards took away all our weapons. after getting the quest, we were several miles away when we realized that we never retrieved our weapons! so we ran back only to discover that the city had gone up in flames, and was surrounded by demons, who were throwing fire balls at everyone.

… lol that would have been a blast.

I love D&D. Hmm…stories…Howabout the time (my first time playing D&D) when I was the Dwarf “Man” (that was his name). I was fighting a gnome. I managed to roll a 20, then another 20, then another 20. The gnomes head came off of his shoulders and rolled down a hill.

Not very descriptive, but I’m tired.


P.S.Do you play AD&D or D&D 3.0/3.5?

both, at some point. I have also played the Eberon campaign.

also, we were on a quest against an evil wizard, and our ranger was keeping watch in a tree. and the DM told the ranger that he heard a strange rustling coming from a bush. the ranger waited. than a couple of of turns later, the DM told him that he say the glint of something long and shiny in the bush, and the ranger drew his bow and fired at it. e got two 20’s and a 19, and the DM was laughing his head of, because it was, in fact just a bush. the ranger had been imagining the whole thing. so he effectively wiped a small defenseless bush off the face of the earth, with much descriptions in the way of explosions, earthquakes, etc.

PS: wtf is an “ear quake”??? i misspelled earthquake, and that was the suggested spelling in the spell check.