Duo processors?

Alright so i JUST upgraded my computer and i now have core 2 duo processors and 2 gigs or ram. When i render something and take a look at the CPU usage it only does 50% of it, which leaves me to believe it’s only using 1 processor. Is there a way to check it or change it or something?
Here’s an example image.


In the F10 Scene settings there is a panel called output. In the Output panel there is a counter called “Threads”. Set this to be 2 for two processors and change Xparts and Yparts to 4 in the Render panel. This should exploit your CPU. Let me know if this helped.

Have you changed the number of threads used to render a scene?
If not, do that - if you don’t know what I mean - you can do it in the 2 places shown below. The first is for Blender Internal, the second is for YafRay. (You have to set the renderer to YafRay before you get access to the options for it)


Thank you so much! I’m so happy i could kiss you… not in um, that kind way :smiley:
But i was a little disappointed at first because i thought after buying better computer parts and all it wasn’t any faster at rendering. THANKS ALOT!
P.S Is there any other ways of making it faster? I bought new things like motherboard, ram, processors, graphics card. Any ways of improving render more?

Kill all of your background applications. Eliminate wallpaper (50% gray works well and is easy on the eyes). Get rid of all of the bells and whistles like mouse shadows etc. Start—> my computer---->properties---->advanced---->performance---->settings, get rid of all the junk you don’t need. Remove as many icons from your desktop that you can, put them in a folder and add them to your task bar. Eye candy eats CPU cycles.

You can set the blender priority to real time in task manager. This will make blender render a bit faster, depending only on other applications that run. Let’s say, the background processes uses 10% of processor time, you will gain almost this speed up.

Once you set it to realtime, you won’t be able to do anything. Almost all will be assigned to blender, and some essential system processes, and your mouse will be laggy (very laggy, unusable). The system might also be unstable and crash.