Dupe Vertices After Cancelled Extrude (Video Example Of Issue)

Hey guys, as the title implies, running into what appears to be dupe vert issue of sorts. The video shows exactly what I’m referring to. Your expertise is much appreciated :).


When you right clicked you didn’t cancel the extrude. The extrude consists of two parts. When you press E it first duplicates the vertices and then you drag these duplicates to form the extrude. You basically just duplicated them but not moved them anywhere when you pressed RMB. Press Esc to really cancel an extrude. If you do make a mistake and press RMB use Ctrl+Z to undo.

Hey Richard, I just went ahead and redid the exact same test but instead of right click-cancelling the extrude, I pushed escape and the behavior of leaving the dupes was identical. It appears esc is just an alias for right click in this circumstance…

Just to be clear, are you saying that the only way to remove the vertices is via edit undo or is there a more straight-forward approach I’m missing? I could see myself accidentally leaving dupe vertices around quite easily, as they’d be hard to spot when doing an edit undo.

When in vertex select mode it’s actually easier to see whether there are duplicates or not (without duplicates there is a gradient color of orange going towards the unselected vertices).

But if you understand how extrude works, you’ll get used to it soon. E for extrude (+move). Right click or Esc for cancel move. Ctrl+Z for undo extrude

Hey Sago, thanks for chiming in as well. Interesting observation about the gradient not extending down all paths on dupe vertices (logical, albeit not the first thought that crossed my mind). I get that extrude is a 2-part process now, it just wasn’t logical to me that there was no 2-part cancel if you will. Lesson learned.

One more tip,…if you happen to do this and not notice until later, you can remove the offending duplicates by selecting the vertices and hitting Ctrl E/remove doubles