Duplex Room's Hotel


(Flavio Della Tommasa) #1

Duplex Camera version of a project that continues to develop.
The style always remains Mediterranean.
As always Blender + Cycles + Photoshop.
2400px, 2000samples, 2h for image.

C&C are welcome!

E-Cycles - Faster cuda rendering
(Horizon) #2

Excellent work, nice mood in all the images.

(Flavio Della Tommasa) #3

Tnx a lot @Horizon1 !!!

(Bart Veldhuizen) #4

You’re #featured! :+1:

(Flavio Della Tommasa) #5

Tnx Bartv!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

(mathieu) #6

I like the lightning.

(GarageFarm.NET) #7

I really like the design.
Consistend pleasant style.
And not the plain modern style but this mediterrainian feel is strongly shining through.
Love it !

Jarek D(DJ)

(Flavio Della Tommasa) #8

@bliblubli Tnx for your reply!
Light is all about rendering, but it is also the most complex part of the work (in addition to the materials and everything else, of course …)

@garagefarm Thank you!
I work with a really good Designer, she has good taste and a lot of sensitivity.
I just have to give shape to his ideas!

(Bart Veldhuizen) #9

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

(Flavio Della Tommasa) #10

Tnx Bertv! :grinning:

(numen22) #11

Well deserved, great scene lighting.

(Flavio Della Tommasa) #12

Tnx @numen22!!!

(Flavio Della Tommasa) #13

I have tested the Release E-Cycles on this identical scene.
The performances are stunning.
Calculation times have been halved, and in some even more scenes.
An exceptional tool.

(Member) #14

Awesome work.

(rombout) #15

What do you mean by duplex camera? You mean you render these shots using dual camera side by side or so?

What happened in that 5th shot. That vse look quite weird?!

PS can that bathroom door even close in the first shot?! It seems to intersect with the floor

(Flavio Della Tommasa) #16

Hi @rombout
Duplex is the technical jargon they use in hotels / residences. There is the single room, the double (duplex), the triple, the jr suites and so on …
I do not know what you mean by wired in the 5th shot.
The door is correct, it does not intersect anything. Perhaps it is the point of view…

(rombout) #17

Thanks for explaining it. Haha i was looking at Duplex camera and was thinking what is the connection to this. Glad you made it clear it was something complete different.

Sorry about the the line being vague, i meant to type vase. The vase in the 5th shot looks weird. Perhaps its camera settings weird strong dof or so. It also the weird angle, unless the vase it self is shaped weird.

Looking at the first image again, i just noticed the vase looks weird in that one as well. I seems to be stretched or so, look how wide it is in this shot compared to other shots. In the 5th shot it looks skewed or something like that.

Looking again at other images, i think its actually not a round vase but one which is a bit oval shaped. That middle small image i attached made me understand it better.


(Flavio Della Tommasa) #18

It is the vase that has a particular shape.
The Camera is certainly very pushed, being the small room.