Hey guys,

I used the dupli-frame feature to get a bunch of dominos lined up. I’d then like
bullet to make the dominos tumble down, so I first select the domino, and go Ctrl+Shift+A
to make the dominos all real, and then define them as ridgid bodies.

Now for some reason, everything behaves completely randomly - it makes no sense.
If I just manually duplicate dominos they fall over as expected, its when I try and use dupliframes ( or ex-dupliframes ) that things seem to mess up.

Is there any way I can use dupliframes in conjunction with bullet?

Here’s a sample file :


I didn’t look at your blend file, but first of all check the centers of the applied duplis …

The domino blocks already have ipo’s … delete them, retry, then record the sim !

Thanks for the response delic,

Ok I did notice my centers were off - so I changed that.
I deleted the IPOs, but I’m afraid I can’t get a decent sim out of this. I tried hitting Ctrl+Alt+P, but stuff just bounces everywhere, some fall through the plane.

If you can get a decent sim, I’d like to know how.