Duplicate a Camera View as User Perspective View for Screenshots

Hi everyone,
This may be a noob question but I read a wikiblender tutorial on Noob to Pro/3D View Windows and didn’t find anything relating to my question, unless I didn’t read good enough.

Okay, so once you enter camera view by pressing Num0, I want to exit out of camera view so that the result is a User perspective view duplicates the camera view in every way (e.g. direction, angle, all coordinates etc.). So far I’ve only been able to achieve the previous User perspective view after exiting camera view. Is there anyway that this can be done in Blender? I want to set up several cameras in my scene, enter them at will, and then exit to capture a User perspective screenshot with the exact orientation stats as the camera. Unless, there is a way of specifying User Perspective coordinates, and data independently, which the tutorial I read didn’t talk about.