Duplicate a material?

I have a material with some settings I want. I want to apply it to a different object and change the color without changing the other properties, but whenever I do, it also changes the material being used on the other one. Is there a way I can duplicate materials?


The step to follow after applying the material, is to make the object a single user (with the object selected use shortcut “U” and chose option “texture & material” from that menu).

I’m having trouble with a similar issue. I applied an image texture to a plane and used it to build up a large stack. The same image being applied to each. Now I want to change some of the images but whenever I do all the planes end up changing their image instead of only one. I’ve tried shortcut U and adding the new image to just the one plane but this still changes all the images.

I had to apply the original image before finishing the construction so applying separately was not really an option.

Any thoughts on how to change one image amongst a mass of others without a global change to all?

I applied single user after applying the image texture.

Solved my own issue with this, it was the order of the process. You have to select, then shortcut U (apply tex/mats) and then link to the new image file. Sorted!