duplicate action

there are several wheels in the project.
i think once i get one turning i can duplicate the action for the others - which are elsewhere on the screen.

please remind me how i tell the other wheels - do the same as he does!

thanks all

Copy Transforms constraint might be a good starting point, without seeing your project, or even any images of it…

Cheers, Clock.

here is a sample


gearmissing.blend (622 KB)

you can just link action to object from action editor

hmm thanks but i do not understand

One “action” can drive more than one thing at a time. But if the motion of the gears is simple – they don’t change speed, they just sit there and spin – you don’t need actions at all. Just create an endlessly-repeating animation curve around the appropriate local axis. Animate each gear separately but identically.

thanks- they will all spin for a turn but not all at the same time- i should have said that earlier!