Duplicate armatures, pose one pose them all =(

Hey, I am working on some low poly anims for an RTS game I am working on. I have a gun crew that I am trying to animate.

The problem is that the exporter, exports a single animation using vertex paths based on a single object location. So I just duplicated the crew to three, and then duplicated the armatures, renamed all, and then CTRL-A (apply size and rotation) and then re-parent the armatures to their respective meshes.

Then I try to pose, in pose mode, but when I go out of pose mode or reset the timeline to zero all of the armatures duplicate whatever pose I do to one. I can’t seem to figure out how to unlink them…

Any Idea why this is occuring??

Edit: Ok, I opened a new blender, and then appended all of the armatures and meshes respectively and all seems to be well now…

You duplicated the Armature while the Action was Active in the Action Editor. Make Single User for each (U in Object mode) and unlink the ActIpo.