Duplicate edited hair particles?

Hello there,
Recently I’ve been working on a model which requires fur. But since the fur isn’t the same everywhere I need to change some settings depending on the area. I thought it would be a good idea to do all the grooming in a single particle setting and then later separate the areas somehow and edit them individually (basically I wanted to copy the original particle setting and just cut the unnecessary hairs in particle edit), but it looks like you can’t duplicate particle settings once they’re edited. It seems so trivial, yet I can’t find a solution. I’ve seen a thread from 2017 (URGENT! How can I duplicate an edited hair system?) but it didn’t help me much. Hope someone has a solution for this.
Any help would be very appreciated!

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Well after a lot of dead ends I finally realized that there is a simple function that achieves the desired result. If you duplicate the particle system normally you are calling the
bpy.ops.particle. duplicate_particle_system ( use_duplicate_settings=False ) function, but if you use
bpy.ops.particle. duplicate_particle_system ( use_duplicate_settings=True ) you get new particle settings but the grooming is retained. This seems very simple and I honestly don’t know why can’t we call this function in Blender normally (or maybe I’m just unaware of it). In any case I made this really simple add on which adds a “Duplicate Groomed Particles” operator which you can call.
DuplicateGroomedParticles.py (798 Bytes)
One thing I’ve noticed though, is that after you duplicate the particle system the changes you make will not automatically update in the viewport and you will need to select another particle system for the viewport to update.


You are my hero.
I have been searching for the answer to this for hours.
Something I noticed is it iterates the whole stack instead of just the selected Particle System. Is there any way to get it to only iterate the selected?

Just press F9 after duplicating the hair system and it will show up a dialog where you can activate ‘duplicate settings’, the copy will get duplicated settings as well.
I answered here

but this post has a better title if someone else searches for the solution.

Yeah I noticed you can also duplicate it with the little arrow to the right, but I forgot to update this post. I did find it weird that the operator already existed but I just couldn’t find how to use it inside blender.
Oh well… Live and learn I guess :laughing:

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one year later I love you

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