Duplicate effect when posing character

EDIT: Fixed .blend upload. You should be able to download it to determine why this issue is occurring.


I’m very new to Blender. I have followed this tutorial series to a tee though have run into a serious issue. When I move any bone, it’s as if there are 2 meshes. One distorts as if it’s rigged, and the below one doesn’t. It appears as if the character is splitting itself wherever the bone is manipulated.

Any advice? I’ve attached my Blender file.

I’ve tried applying the mirror modifier (as yet unapplied in the uploaded file), applying the armature modifier on the mesh. I’ve also applied some custom weighting on the arms to make the bending seem more natural. None of those things worked to prevent the dupe issue I’m having.

playerbody.blend (668 KB)

Bump for fixed file upload

I have attempted to re-rig the mesh to no avail. Can anybody weigh in now that the file above is uploaded properly?

Select all your mesh in edit. remove doubles. Move the armature modifier above the mirror. Apply mirror. Read up on topology because what you have will have a hard time working with so few polys.

Yes, remove doubles, recalculate normals and then reparent the mesh to the rig with automatic weights. You don’t need to apply the mirror modifier if you don’t want/need to. :stuck_out_tongue: