duplicate hierarchy

Hi All,

Not sure if this goes into the modeling category, but here is where I mostly encounter the “problem”.

Often when I’m finished with a model, I parent it under a null (empty). Then I would like to copy the hole hierarchy. Can I do that without actually selecting all the objects in the hierarchy?
In Maya or Softimage I simply select the null and then make a copy (actually in softimage I need to ‘branch select’ it). I tried to use “duplicate linked”, but that apparently has another function.

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You’ll have to select all the objects in the chain. Use Shift+G to select all the objects children.

Thanks, but it doesn’t really “solve” my problem.

make 3 cubes, parent them under a null

if you use “shift-g” to select all the children you need to select the null afterwards in order to copy the hierarchy correctly.
It’s just that I though there was a faster way of doing this.

stefan andersson