Duplicate linked "group"

I wonder if it’s possible to dublicate linked multiple objects?

An example…

I have a car model, that has a body, wheels and lights.

How do I smartest create multiple instances of that car?
I only know theese two posibilities:

  • join geometry and create linked object (but then I can’t edit the objects anymore)
  • link the car into an other blender file and copy it around, but then I need to update the material in the other file…

I’m sure there is a better / other way to do it.

Can anyone guide me?



Hi Stan

Thanks for the link to the manual - I have read it, but I don’t get - sorry.


Ok - I selected the collection and created a linked duplicate and it seems to work.

Ahhhh and using relations / parent seems to be a good way to connect objects.
I learned a lot today :slight_smile:

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