Duplicate material error

As I mentioned in the title, I have two meshes. I wanted to use the same texture for both but for one it had to have a different Z-axis and Y-axis than the original mesh, so I selected the second mesh (which is the top colon one) and duplicated the material, and tried to make the needed changes. However, the change, despite being a different material now, affected the original as well. Here are screenshots below. Can someone please help me? Thanks! :slight_smile:

If there’s anything else you need me to screenshot I will do so.

Check if you really copied it and the new material is used. I you change the material of object 2 and it changes object 1 too, they share the same.

I don’t know how they could be using the same material if the materials that they are using are different names, how is that possible?

Are you using a node group? Changes made to a node group are global to all the materials that use that group.

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Oh I am!!! How do I change the node group to local or whatever the opposite is? Thanks!!

The opposite would be single user, in 2.9 you click the number of users of the group to make a new copy.
In 2.92 they have unfortunately taken this button away, there is a thread about this and also a feedback thread on dev talk where people are complaining and asking for it to come back.
For the moment the quickest way to do this in 2.92 is to ungroup the nodes in one of the materials and then group them again. It will make a new node group with a different name that is independent to the original group.