Duplicate material in Substance 3D Blender addon

Hi. Has anyone got to grips with the Substance 3D addon for Blender?

I’ve worked out how to add new materials to objects using sbsar files and then I can adjust the various settings that it has included on the panel but I’m unable to duplicate a material, make changes to that and apply it to another object.

An example would be a painted wood sbsar that I import to use it on a door and make it brown in colour. I have other doors in my model that I need to be white so I duplicate the sbsar as there’s a copy icon on the panel but when I make any changes to that (make it white in colour), apply it to the door it messes up the original one after the blender file has been reopened. It’s as if they are somehow still linked even though it should be a copy.

Perhaps just a bug or I’m doing it wrong?

Thanks for your help.


Just like any material that you copy ( COPY keyword here ), if you make changes to it it changes all of them…you have to make a COPY and set it as a single user copy…

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Excellent. Thanks very much for that tip as for some reason I had no idea about rhe mutiple users.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Sorry spoke too soon. It doesn’t work as I’ve tried numerous methods and everytime the blender file is reopened the separate objects all flip back to the same looking Substance 3D material and same settings in the panel. I think it may be a bug as each material has been set as a single user where needed so there’s no reason for that material to be linked to another object?

Quite frustrating as I’m struggling to get any further with the project.

Maybe a bit late but you are using the Sublender add-on or the Substance integration Tool From Corel?

It works fine in Sublender Add-on, but you need to add the material to models, create the maps in the save folder…then make the material of the second object a Single User Copy…select that copy in Sublender ( top of the add-on )

Make your changes to the copy and render the new texture…that will place the multiple maps in their own folders inside the save folder… Re-Save the Blend-File

Since the Save file had the Add-on active it will re-open upon opening the Blend…and you get the right materials…

If you are using the Substance integration tool from Corel…I’ll have to get back to you on that one…

OK…In the Substance Integration from Corel…at the top of the add-on, you need to select Duplicate the Sbsr… make your changes on the duplicate, and then hit the button to apply the material to the object…

Basically the same process but all controlled inside the add-on…

Thanks for the detailed instructions. Yes it’s the Substance 3D add-on for Blender (Adobe) and it’s integration tools. I didn’t know there were any others addons like this available until I saw your post.

From the screenshots it looks like you have no problems at all so I decided to look more into it on the Adobe website. Works out there’s updates for these tools and the latest is version 3 so got that installed.

Tried the same process with 3 cubes. Assigned rusted_painted_metal to the first cube, duplicated that for the other 2 like you mentioned and made adjustments to them so I ended up with rusted_painted_metal, rusted_painted_metal_1 and rusted_painted_metal_2. Saved the file, closed and reopened and there were the 3 cubes all with exactly the same single material of rusted_painted_metal but this time after about 20 - 30 seconds they all changed back to their individual materials. Very strange and it’s as if you have to wait for the copies to slowly load into the viewport but while that’s happening all three show the rusted_painted_metal.

I can live with that though if all I have to do is wait :smiley:

I did notice though that I couldn’t double click to rename on the loaded SBSAR so I have to stick with the default name but that be just a bug.

Thanks again,