Duplicate materials

Hi, I’ve got a question: How can I connect the .000 and .001 materials to one ? Because I want to use separate by Materials on my object, but it separates the duplicate materials too. (.000 and .001)





You have to link the datablock of the original object to the duplicates, so that when you change the original, the duplicates are automatically updated. I think it can do it automatically with materials and textures.

You mentioned in another thread that you appended some objects from another file with the same materials/textures, in which case I don’t think you can get around the problem of duplicates. Materials shouldn’t be a real problem, since they’re only very small amounts of data (a few numbers), but image files can take up a lot of memory. What you can do is unpack the image files from all the objects that share the same ones, and then point the objects to the files on disk, so they share the same files. To unpack them you go through the unlinking process and then save and reload a few times to make sure they;re gone.

I tried that addon and it is a sh**, It puts a material named “material” to all of my meshes.


I have a lot of duplicated materials and I want to separate the mesh, but the blender separate the .00x materials too.