Duplicate objects along a curve?

Hi! I want to make a necklace of pearls, where a pearl object instances along a curve, and the # of pearl instances is equal to the curve length. Is that something Blender can do?


Object, snap, cursor to center. Move 3-d cursor to center.
Add uv sphere (or polysphere, or icosphere)
scale the sphere in edit mode.
Add a bezier circle (or curve)
Scale the curve in edit mode with all control points selected.
On the sphere, add an array modifier. In the array modifer, set fit type to ‘fit curve’, and select the bezier.
Add a curve modifer, set the object to the bezier.

If you want to move the neckalce around, select the bezier, in edit mode, a to select all control points and move/rotate it. If you need more curvage, select 2 (or all) control points and w,subdivide to create more control points for a more complex curve.

Use an array modifier above the curve modifier, which will duplicate the object before wrapping it.

There is an array before the the curve modifier in my list.