Duplicate objects and texture

Hi. Sorry my English, I’m from Spain. I have a question with duplicate objects, and textures.

The objects are duplicated with the “Shift + D” command and are apparently unrelated.

In fact, I can modify the shape of one of them without affecting others, but if I change the texture. It applies to everyone!

How I modify the texture:

As they apply to everyone, without knowing the reason. I highlight the area of ​​"layers" and kinships.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, if anyone can help me. Thanks for your time. Greetings.

Objects and Materials are different datablocks… If you duplicate an object that its material is the ‘violet’ material, the material will stay the same.

You need to make a material specifically for that duplicate. You can do this in the Node Editor, while your object is active: Click on the ‘User Count’ right next to the Material’s name, in the middle of the main menu.