Duplicate objects not animating correctly

I’m rather new to blender, so forgive my newbishness.

Here’s my problem:

I’ve created an object in blender, then made a duplicate of it and moved it to the opposite side of the scene. My goal was to have these two identical objects animate in such a way as to move towards the center of the scene – basic stuff really.

I create Loc and Rot keyframe at 0 seconds for both objects. The moment i move the frame marker to another place in the timeline, the duplicate of the object instantly snaps back and overlaps the original object. This happens no matter what animation i intend to create.

Selecting a yellow dot for the original object in the NLA Editor seems to simultaneously select the adjacent dot of the duplicate object, like they’re somehow linked.

I’ve tried erasing all keyframes, clearing any parent/children relationships, erasing any and all possible links, disbanding groups, clearing all NLA Editor data, etc. Nothing worked.

It wouldn’t take too long to redo the whole thing in a new file, but i’d like to know what I did wrong to prevent it in future projects. Is there something i can reset in blender to clear all animation changes, keeping only the objects in the scene? Perhaps i’ve accidentally linked the two duplicates in some way and hadn’t noticed?

I appreciate all the help.


Welcome to the forums!

What you are describing sounds like you have created an ipo prior to making a copy. If so, then your copied object will be referencing the same set of ipo curves.

Try this:

  1. save the blend file as a new name, so you can get back if you need to.
  2. select the copied object and delete it
  3. select the original object, and in the ipo curve window, at the bottom, click on the x to delete any reference to ipo curves
  4. now copy the original object, and move the copy
  5. start creating key frames for each object individually

Best of Luck!


It worked! I didn’t even know about IPO curves. Thanks a bunch :slight_smile: