Duplicate Original Deleted - Frustrating Problem


I have a really frustrating problem, when I duplicate my player model, armature, and camera all at the same time (they are all selected at once) and then save the file, close blender, and then re-open it, the duplicate is there but the original is gone! I can’t figure out how to have the original stay there as well as the duplicate. I know this is a noobish problem…

Any help is welcome. Thanks.


After you duplicate the items, do you hit ‘Enter’ to seal the deal?

Yes I do. Thanks for the quick reply.

I have sort of come up with a solution - append it into a new file and then append that back into the blend. It works, but I am still wondering why this whole problem happened…

BTW another person checked up on this (tried to do the same operation) and came out empty handed as well.


Yeah, I don’t know why it does it on your system. It doesn’t do that on my old PC.

Another weird prob now - the appended objects (when the file is re-opened) always revert back to the same spot. This is driving me crazy…

What computer are you using, operating system, and version of Blender?

This is not a problem. Almost certainly it is because they have an IPO curve…

Okay, I will check up on it. Thanks for the replies guys!