Duplicate particle system?

In an animation I am making in 2.5, I have a particle system that emits halo particles. I want to duplicate the particle system an number of times and placed it around the scene, so I made the emitter object part of a group, and created group instances where I needed them.

This looks perfect in the real time view, but when I try and render it, the group instance particles do not show, and when I close the render window, suddenly the particles of the duplicate systems are now occupying the same positions as the original. They jump back as soon as I change the display type, so I am guessing this is a bug.

So does anyone know how I can place instances of exactly the same particle system around my scene, if I can’t get groups to work?

Sounds like a bug to me, you should report it.

What you can do is create a “real” object for each particle system but make all the objects use the same system. Try a render using that approach.

Ok, I’ll get around to that later.

This sounds like what I need, but I can’t figure out how to do that (relatively new to Blender). I can create two objects, give each their own particle system, and tell the second one to use the settings of the first, but this does not sound like what you suggest, and it does not produce my desired result. Could you please explain how you do the above in more detail?

Just duplicate your emitter as many times as you need it and place it around the scene. It seems to render fine.

To duplicate, select the emitter and press SHIFT-D and the object will show a white outline. Click the Left mouse button to lock in the duplication. Then move the new emitter where you want it in your scene.


25_multiple_halo_psys.blend (830 KB)