Duplicate points when transforming

Hello everyone, I’m new to Blender, and have been busying myself watching various tutorials on how it works. I’ve come across a problem, though. For some reason when I try to move multiple points around, instead of just moving them, it duplicates them during the process (leaving behind the original points). This doesn’t happen to any of the preset shapes, but only on points that have been created from extending. and cutting in. Does anyone have an idea of what is happening?

What shortcut are you using to move them?

I’ve been using both E and G, but they both seem to duplicate points.

Key E extrudes the mesh, and leaves the original vertices in place. Key G only grabs selected vertices. If you hit E to extrude but changed your mind and hit Esc or right-clicked to cancel the extrusion, the extruded vertices are still there but snap back into their original location (over top of the original verts). So if you then Key G you are still grabbing the extruded verts.

If you extrude then Esc out, you have to Ctrl Z to undo the extrusion.

Hope this helps.

Thank you LarryPhillips/ This helped me a bit, but it still seems that using the B shortcut for selecting multiple points and then grabbing still causes this problem, even without extending, yet selecting one or multiple points another way and grabbing will just move the points around.

I found the problem. When using the B select tool, I assumed that it would go through an object (I had forgotten to use Z). The duplicated points were merely points on the other side of the object. Thanks, everyone, for the help.