Duplicate UV vertices?

When unwrapping the head for my mesh and trying to mirror the uv island, blender gives me a message saying “x duplicates found, mirror may be incomplete”. I didn’t have this problem at first when I was unwrapping this particular model, but now I’m unsure of what to do.


When I hid the islands to pinpoint the trouble area, it gave me this


So I deleted the vertices and remade the points manually.
When unwrapping and trying to mirror the island again, it had knocked it down from 8 to “6 duplicates found, mirror may be incomplete.”
Since the problem vertices were on one side of the mesh, I deleted the entire half and mirror modified it.
When unwrapping the same problem persists. I’ve made sure to remove any doubles on my mesh and connected all problem vertices just in case they were floating, however I still have the problem.

Any help would be appreciated!

If it says there are doubles, there are doubles. Won’t take any guesses as of why. “But I removed them” doesn’t help nor would I believe you anyway, troubleshooting starts with checking something a person said they did.

But can’t do that by staring a bunch of cropshots. Select the problem area, delete the inverse, save that to a new .blend and upload that. It contains more information than what you know to show and tell.

Here’s the file:

Lips.blend (616 KB)

Thank you for the help!

Can’t replicate the problem with the file

That’s okay! I’ll just look elsewhere for a professional’s help.

You do that.

For anyone else having the same problem, I re-checked the file and the first post, the problem is with copy mirrored UV coords function, not with mirror

Half of the mesh faces unwrapped. Rest of the coordinates are at (UV) 0,0

UV -> copy mirrored UV coords, chaging the direction and precision from the operator panel gives a proper result. With lower precision it gives a doubles warning.