Duplicate vertices

In my Blender window it says the amount of vertices in my Mesh is about 743, however, when I export it, this jumps to 3014.

I can see in the .x file that the vertices and their normals are being duplicated, but I don’t want them to be duplicated because I’m working with a smooth object. I also don’t want them to be duplicated because the less vertices in a real-time application the better D:

This is the exporter I’m using http://www.geero.net/directx-exporter.html, and also http://directpython.sourceforge.net/misc/x_export.py which claims to not duplicate vertices.

I’m wondering, because one of those exporters claims to not duplicate verts, is it something I’m doing wrong with the mesh?

Any help would be appreciated!

(blend file attached)


RigForDirectX.blend (552 KB)

Do you have any modifier on the model?

Sorry for taking so long to check the topic again, I have been bogged down with a research assignment and haven’t really thought of modeling!

I have no modifiers on the mesh, there is that “armature parent deform “Make Real”” button in the modifiers section but I don’t have success with exporting if I “make real”.

Try removing doubles.