Duplicate with Symmetry

Hello everyone. I have used Daz Hexagon for my modeling for years and now I see that Blender is so much faster and so many more features. I am having trouble with getting something to duplicate with symmetry though. I have seen several tutorials and posts regarding the mirror modifier etc. My issue is the item I duplicate and then mirror will either not rotate enough or does not go to the left enough.

I am trying to model a bracelet on a DAZ figure. After I am done with that bracelet I would like to duplicate and mirror to go over the other wrist. Here is what I have tried.

Duplicate, Set Orgin to center and then CTRL + M on the X axis. the bracelet does not get rotated enough.
Duplicate, Set Orgin to center and apply a mirror modifier clicking the X axis. Does not even seem to work.

I am at the point where I can just duplicate, rotate it 120 degrees and then move it the other wrist but I want it to be perfect. This has got to be possible to do. When I used Hexagon the feature was called Symmetry and I literally would only have to click one button to get it to work Blender has got to be able to do this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Use a mirror modifier and set the ‘Mirror Object’ to be the figure or an empty at the centre point https://www.blender.org/manual/modeling/modifiers/generate/mirror.html
You must apply any scale and rotation (Ctrl+A) and ensure the origin of the figure is on the centre. If you want the two objects to be separate then apply the mirror modifier and separate the mesh of one half (P in edit mode)


Duplicate and use global mirror (Ctrl+M / X)
You must apply any scale and rotation (Ctrl+A) before doing this and have the object origin point on the centre line

oh wow. I was missing the applying rotation part. wow. so easy. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain it so clearly. I am also very thankful that you supplied multiple options on achieving the same thing. World class there! I am super excited to be working more in blender than hexagon. Thank You Thank You Thank You *****