Duplicate without keyframes link

When I duplicate (shift-d) an objet animated (bejore I copy it), the new object is linked (only keyframes) to the old object. So, when I copy an object (with keyframes before I copy it) I can’t animate separate curves.
Can I delete that link?.. Do you have any other solution?
Thank you.


If I understand you correctly: Look next to the ipo curves in the ipo editor. You should see a number 2 (after you have duplicated the animated object). Click on the number. And then click again on the pop up asking “Make Single User?”

You should now be able to animate the copied object seperately


Otherwise just click the x next to the 2. It will delete the curves for that object…

Thank You, that’s the solution. I’m sorry for my english, that night I was very tired.

you can change your preferences to not copy the ipos with the object.