duplicated a mesh object and can't delete the vertices.

I’ve just started using blender. I made a sphere and changed the shape and the I put a tube into it and change the tube shape and after the I then duplicated the tube shape twice and placed them into the sphere. I then deleted the vertices on the sphere that was inside the tubes. The on the first tube shape I deleted the unwanted vertices. But when I tryed to delete the unwanted vertices on the duplicate tubes. I couldn’t do it…:<
Help please :-?

Here is a pic of before deleteing
Here is a pic with the delete that I could do. It to end up as a house. which is why I need an empty middle…
Thank for any help. :smiley:

If you change your view,(MMB) then you can see those vertices, and delete them.

I have changed vertices to yellow but when I press delete nothing has happan that I can tell.

Thw X-Key also deletes vertices.

Make sure that you are in Vertice Mode and that you also choose “Delete Vertices”, and not delete faces or edges.

Thanks, I’ve done the above and that works fine with the orginals but not duplicates of the house model. It is only happens with this model so far…I just tried it with a new model. And it works fine with it but not the house model…So maybe I have to start again and save lots of different files so that if it starts to do the same I can go back a few and start from there…oh well…Thanks… :frowning: