Duplicated Materials


I’ve noticed a strange thing since using v. 2.71 In car models, for example, I use a lot of nuts and bolts. My wok flow is that I make masters of these objects then duplicate them as needed. The original normally has a material assigned to it and I want the original material to be used in the copies unless I specifically change it. The attached screen-shot shows what happens: each duplicate has the same material, but with a new name.

Is there a way to prevent this happening?



Open up User Preferences and click the Editing tab. You should see a list of all the datablocks that get duplicated when you duplicate and object. Uncheck Material then click Save User Settings. The next time you duplicate your object should not create a new material. This is a global setting for all new scenes. Also if you import a model, this setting does not seem to be taken into account so you can still end up with a 100 bolt materials on a import OBJ or any model type.

Thanks, Atom. I suspected that it was something simple.