Duplicated object resets position when changing scenes

Hey there. I copy an object a to another scene by using ctrl-l making object b, then i unlink the object b by using u and object and obdata. Then I duplicate the unlinked object b to create object c and move it. When I change to another scene and back, the duplicated object c is at the same place as the object b. Why this happens? How to prevent it from happening?


In other words : How do I copy an object to another scene properly, so I can then duplicate it without it resetting position after changing scenes?

You are doing it correctly. That is just the way it works. If you want unique objects, you will have to make them single user.

The problem is that even when I make the duplicated object (c) a single user, it still jumps to the position of object b when changing scenes.

…and does this object have an IPO curve?

Wow, I didn’t think about that. It did not when duplicating, but I had “automatic keyframe insertion” turned on, and turning it off solved the problem, although I still do not fully understand why a single user object would have the same ipo…