Duplicated soft bodies act like magnets

So I have a simple two cube soft body simulation set up - I duplicate one of the cubes, and then when I press alt-a the first cubes bounce toward the duplicated cubes like it was a magnet before they start to fall to the ground… Am I crazy, or maybe just don’t know what I"m doing!?

Also, sometime my simulation will look ok in preview, but then when I render it, the soft body “goes crazy” after a few frames…


For what it’s worth, I figured out that if I remove the soft body from the object which was duplicated, and then add it back and recreate the settings, the effect goes away. What’s going on with this?

Ok, I feel like I’m talking to myself here- :slight_smile: but I suppose what’s going on is that since I had already pressed alt-a to calculate some motion data, then duplicated the object - that blender is somehow trying to average the old data in with the newly duplicated object’s position the next time I press alt-a? Seems like a bug to me… Anyone?

that seems a reasonable conclusion also did you duplicate any keyframes when you copied the object, that would also cause some problems. it may be a bug as the cache should recalculate when you restart the animation.

I’ve determined it only happens when collision is turned on for a soft body before the duplicate (regardless of alt-d or shift-d) Here’s a quick video: http://youtu.be/8Ux3FZPU6_M

Well, I suppose I’m going to do a bug report about this… I’ve been able to recreate it in older versions, and on Windows and Mac…

Looks like a bug to me, try reporting it at the blender.org site?